Our Tango World vol.2: At the Milonga

“I know I should use cabeceo here, but I can’t catch your eye. You keep looking away. So I had to come over and ask you.” If you find yourself saying this to someone – just stop for a moment and think about it. Maybe your cabeceo is working perfectly. Just not in the way you’d like.
– Terpsi’s cabeceo guide

If this vignette speaks to you, you’ll love volume 2 of Iona Italia‘s Our Tango World. This second volume takes us to the milonga and explores what it means to dance; the importance of freedom of partner choice – and the limits of that freedom; the needs we bring to dancing; and the ways in which we communicate musically.

Do I embrace in order to dance? Or do I dance in order to embrace? All this and more in the second and concluding volume of Our Tango World.

ISBN: 978-1-9997551-9-5
Released: 10 Dec 2019
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Publisher’s note: Once again, milonga press’s own first edition is luxuriously printed on Munken Print Cream, the ultimate book paper.

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