Iona Italia

photo © Vanita Pune

Iona Italia started dancing tango more years ago then she cares to remember. In 2006 she decided to take an unpaid sabbatical from her life as an academic in the UK to improve her tango in Buenos Aires, thinking that she would return one year later as a tango goddess. Her illusions were shattered in her first private lesson, when her teacher stared at her in horror. Deciding to take her medicine, one year soon became ten.
In January 2011, she began her renowned blog “Tango Addiction” under the pseudonym Terpsichoral Tango Addict, thinking of it more as an online diary. Soon she had thousands of readers.
Iona works as a freelance writer, editor and translator. She spent much of 2018 dancing her way through India researching a book on her Parsi heritage.
“Terpsi is tango’s Everywoman” – Derrick Del Pilar

Iona Italia’s books with milonga press:

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