Troilo playlists

Troilo’s complete recordings on RCA-Victor (i.e. the recordings from 1941-1949, and from 1963 onwards) were republished by BMG on CD (and earlier on LP). Unfortunately, for licensing reasons, they have not made these tracks available digitally. These spotify playlists, which give the complete recordings from each period, are provided as a workaround.

Spotify playlists

  1. Troilo 1938, 1941 (Goñi) application / browser
  2. Troilo 1942-1943 (Goñi) application / browser
  3. Troilo 1943-1944 (Basso) application / browser
  4. Troilo 1943-1947 (Basso) application / browser
  5. Troilo 1947-1948 (Figari) application / browser
  6. Troilo in 10 tracks application / browser

Recommended digital albums

Todo de Aníbal 1938-1943Much as I admire TangoTunes, I am not someone who uncritically declares that anything that they produce is the best. But in this case – it’s the best. Absolutely sensational, in fact. Detailed, balanced, and not noisy – enjoyable for the geek and the casual listener alike. Just buy it, okay? 53 tunes of the best tango music ever made cost only €68.40 in AIF format (which is all you need). And then go and buy their other three Troilo albums.

Recommended CDs

Serie Unicos - Aníbal Troilo [DK14142]