Tango Stories 2nd edition

Tango Stories: Musical Secrets – 2nd edition

Tango Stories: Musical Secrets (2nd ed)The definitive guide to tango dance music

In this unique book, Michael Lavocah takes you on a compelling journey through tango music. He introduces the key personages who shaped tango history and explains how they shaped the evolution of this music, telling their stories in a series of lively vignettes.

Engaging, entertaining and passionate, this is the definitive guide to tango dance music. Now available in five languages, Tango Stories: Musical Secrets is essential reading for anyone who would like to understand tango better.

Playlists are available on the book’s dedicated website, tangomusicsecrets.com.

ISBN: 978-0-9573276-4-1
published: 13-Dec-2014

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Tangodanza still have a few copies of the 1st edition hardback! This is a beautiful edition – if you are not a tango geek and don’t mind a few small inaccuracies in dates (which no-one noticed anyway), I recommend it.
Are you in the EU? Very sadly, I cannot post you a book because of new rules. Please buy from Tangodanza. Customers in Switzerland and Norway (and Iceland) can still buy the book directly from the publisher.
The second edition is also available as a print-on-demand book on amazon.com, amazon.ca, amazon.co.jp, amazon.com.au and amazon.de.

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