Troilo – reviews

This is the best book on tango music that I ever read. This book is not, as many tango books, about anecdotes, there is no personality cult; instead we learn how Troilo’s oeuvre developed, the impact of circumstances and difficulties, and his relationship to musicians, singers and colleagues.

And what is outstanding is the detailed discussion of many tracks, where I discovered new details of music I had listened to thousands of times and discussed myself in my teaching. Troilo’s music is rather complex, and many tango dancers find it difficult to dance to it. Michael Lavocah’s discussions really help to find an approach to it and I’m sure they help to eventually love Troilo’s beautiful music.

– Theresa Faus

I am working my way through your Troilo book, very slowly, and it has unleashed a completely new understanding and appreciation. Thank you for making the book approachable even for someone who doesn’t know a lot of music theory. Your playlists have been indispensable, with the early Goñi playlist on repeat most days. At a time when tango has felt full of obstacles, dancing has become more joyous again just by being able to appreciate the music more. It has meant less worrying about technique and instead allowing the body to move naturally to music it now understands and feels better. I can’t thank you enough.