Fresedo playlists

Fresedo was not well served in the CD era (although check out the albums on Euro Records which I listed here). And if it wasn’t on CD, then the big labels won’t have it in digital formats either. For this reason there are no Spotify playlists this time: we are on YouTube.

For the older material we are very grateful for the work of “Project Fresedo” who have worked tirelessly to present it on their youtube channel.

Youtube playlists

  1. Fresedo (Tango Masters 6) sextet 1927 (chapter 2) Odeon
  2. Fresedo (Tango Masters 6) sextet 1928 (chapters 3, 4) Odeon
  3. Fresedo (Tango Masters 6) New York recordings 1929-1930 (chapter 6) Brunswick US
  4. Fresedo (Tango Masters 6) Brunswick 1931-1932 (chapter 7) Brunswick AR
  5. Fresedo (Tango Masters 6) Smooth classics with Ray and Ruiz 1933-1939 (chapters 9-15) Victor