Pugliese playlists

EMI-Odeón published Pugliese’s complete works on LP but never on CD. Most of their CD reissues have been excellent. The bulk of these were on the ‘Reliquias’ imprint, which has not been released digitally.

Spotify playlists

  1. Pugliese 1943-1945 application / browser
  2. Pugliese 1946-1949 application / browser
  3. Pugliese 1950-1951 application / browser
  4. Pugliese 1952-1954 application / browser
  5. Pugliese 1955-1959 application / browser
  6. Pugliese 1960s+ application / browser

Recommended CDs

Pugliese - Ausencia
Printed in 1995 and still the best.
Out of print, but see the listing at milonga.co.uk
Buy the digital version on amazon.co.uk / amazon.com

Pugliese - Edición Aniversario
Great 4 CD compilation released in 2005.
Buy the CD on milonga.co.uk
Buy the digital version on amazon.co.uk / amazon.com

In addition, buy the CDs on Reliquias whilst you still can. These albums have not been released in digital versions.

Recommended digital albums

I strongly recommend the Tangotunes releases San Pugliese and San Pugliese 2 for the instrumentals and vocals with Chanel. These are the most detailed and well articulated Pugliese releases ever, but be prepared to use your equaliser to get rid of the hiss when listening in a quiet environment. The Morán tracks are also detailed, but suffer at times from distortion on the peaks.
san pugliesesan pugliese 2

For the vocals with Morán, there is no one-stop shop for those seeking a digital download. The DyM album “Dos ojos tristes” (DyM 115) is one I can recommend, but has just 10 tracks.
DyM 115: Dos ojos tristes
Buy on amazon.co.uk / amazon.com

Pugliese-Morán: Pasional