Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo (2ed.)

Six years after the first edition of Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo, we are pleased and excited to present this revised and greatly expanded second edition!

“Troilo played one note, and he pierced your heart.”
Aníbal Troilo (1914–1975) played the bandoneón with such feeling that he became revered as the most expressive player of the instrument. In 1937 he formed his own orchestra, rapidly establishing it as one of the greatest of tango’s Golden Age. The hallmarks of this orchestra were its vibrant sound, the colour and shading in its music, and its ability to deliver a lyric.

In this book, the first in the series Tango Masters, Michael Lavocah (author of Tango Stories, Musical Secrets) explains Troilo’s music to the modern dancing public. He introduces the musicians in the orchestra, helping you to hear them within the music, and then takes you through the dance recordings, paying special attention to the relationship between the music and the lyrics – a key factor to understanding this orchestra. With listening notes for over ninety of Troilo’s most important tracks, Tango Masters: Aníbal Troilo allows the reader to follow Troilo’s journey as his music grows in sophistication, learning how to listen, and thus to feel, with more understanding and depth.

ISBN 978-1-9997551-5-7
Release date: 08-July-2020

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