Michael Lavocah

Michael Lavocah
photo (c) Xavier Bonète

Michael Lavocah brings tango music to life. A leading expert on the music of tango’s Golden Age, he is also a natural raconteur. In 2012 he created a new genre of tango writing with his book Tango Stories: Musical Secrets, the dancer’s guide to tango music, which has been translated into five languages. His current project is a series of books exploring the great tango orchestras, Tango Masters.

Michael’s work focuses on teaching people how to listen to tango music as a means not just of understanding, but of connecting to and expressing our feelings. In his books and seminars he connects the modern public to the musicians who made this music by telling their stories and explaining the relationship between their lives and their music.

Michael is also well-known as a DJ at festivals, marathons and encuentros; TodoTango asked him to write some articles about tango DJing.

Michael runs the tango music website milonga.co.uk, a reference point worldwide for anyone looking to find out about tango music on CD. He lives in England.

Personal website: www.tangomusicsecrets.com.